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Dual Channel Controller


  TTM - 700 Series

The right choice for OEM and Panel Builder of Extrusion and Plastic Machineries
Best for reduce your panel size and expand the control technique
The Din rail installation type Compact in size – 24 VDC Input
2 Channels Independent operating Digital Process / Temperature controller
Multiple I nputs (RTD, Thermocouple) or ma, VDC
Self-Tuning / Auto tune
Communication Function ( RS-485) ASCII or MODBUS
Faster Sampling time (250ms)
PID Over - Shoot protection  
Heating / Cooling Control  
Digital Input Function  
CT Input – Standard  
Product Specifications Instruction Manual

  TTM - 500 Series

  The state of the art 2 Channel Digital Controller

  Perfect choice for R&D precession and Specific Applications, suitable for retrofit. -      50mSec. Sampling rate.

High Accuracy +/-0.1%
High Speed Sampling Cycle (50mSec)
The Din rail installation type Compact in size – 24 VDC Input
Various Control Mode simply Selected from front key pad like Cascade Control,Remote Control SP, Positioning Proportional Control
Varity of outputs, Main output and Event outputs can be allotted in to multiple functions
MODBUS Protocol for communication
Infrared Communication equipped
SD card available  
2ch CT input  
Memory bank function  
Self Tuning PID (Heating / Cooling)  
Blind Function  
Simplified Timer mode On / Off, Cyclic….  
Priority Display  
Digital PV Filter  
Multiple Inputs  
Programmable Three Function  
Deviation Monitor Function  
PID Over Shoot Protection  
Compact Size with Above function (96* 96* 100mm)
This are not only the reason but many more for more details ask for the expert.
Product Specifications Instruction Manual
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