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Programmable Controller



Program Controller Specifications A liquid crystal display program controller with maximum of 15 patterns and 99 steps.
Full Multiple Inputs The multiple inputs of Thermocouple (13 types)・RTD (2 types)
・ Voltage (5 types) ・Current (1 type) input
Utilizes a liquid crystal display
- The indication range has been extended to 5 digits
- Realized the various indication with 7 segments
- Adopted LED for the back light
Backup and Initialization for the Setting Value.
Compact SizeA compact sized body with depth of only 65mm. In addition, the protrusion of the front panel is only 2mm when TTM-339 is mounted.
Loader communication function It is best for the set up work of a complicated parameter peculiar to the program controller.
・Cable : Option (sold separately)
・Software : Option (free) … it can be downloaded from our website (Under development).
Blind function The system can be configured so that only the selected parameters are
displayed from the set of parameters.
Manual control A manual output function enables application of various instrumentation
Communication function (RS485: TOHO exclusive protocol / MODBUS)
The cable can be extended up to the length of 500m, and can connect up to 31 units simultaneously. With one host computer, a centralized control such as “The collection of all data” and “Change of respective setting value” are possible from a distance place.
Product Specifications Instruction Manual


Pattern x Steps=64max. It is programmable up to "Patterns x Steps=64".
Standard Equipment of Time Signal/ Alarm Output, Run Signal Output and Dl (RUN Signal Input) It is selectable by parameter either time signal output or alarm output, and RUN signal output and Dl (RUN signal input) are equipped as standard.
Auto Tuning PID The auto tuning PID is performed three temperature ranges, and calculated optimum PID values.
Compact Size It is easy to install and the depth is only 77mm.
Power supply for sensors Equips the power source for external supply of 12 VDC, which is usable as power source for sensors and such
Standardization Conformity CE, UL, cUL approved and RoSH directive
Product Specifications Instruction Manual
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